Puzzle Set 006

All the letters have distinct values. find X, Y & Z

2. A man was on his way to a marriage in a car with a constant speed. After 2 hours one of the tyres is punctured and it took 10 minutes to replace it. After that they traveled with a speed of 30 miles/hr and reached the marriage 30 minutes late to the scheduled time. The driver told that they would have been late by 15 minutes only if the 10 minutes was not wasted. Find the distance between the two towns?

3. Deepak and Suresh were going to school by cycle with 12 mile /hour speed deepak shouted "hey Suresh see the same bus of blue color that we have seen 20 minutes back". Suresh replied yes these buses come every 14 minutes on stop". Can you find the speed of bus?

4. Two trains each 1/6 mile in length run in opposite dirctions to each other with equal speed of 60 miles/hour. What is the time taken to completely cross over the two trains.

5. A train travels at a particular speed for a duration of one hour, after which one of its engine malfunctions reducing its speed to 3/5th of the actual speed before the occurrence of fault in engine. It travels at this speed for 2 hours to reach at its destination. If the fault had occurred 50 miles later on, the train would have reached its destination 45 minutes early. Find the distance traveled by the train.

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