Puzzle Set 002 Answers

1. This is one of the oldest problems of the kinship variety. The answer is ofcourse Your son.

2. Sons of two men who married each other's mothers.

3. The party consisted of 2 girls and a boy, their father and mother, and their father's father and mother.

4. This puzzle attempts to generate the ages of a father, son, and grandson. From the data, you know that the grandson is a given number of days old -- we'll call it x. Then you learn that the son happens to be x weeks old. Next, you learn that the father is as many years old as the grandson is months old. This figure would be (x/(365.25/12)). Finally, you learn that their total age in years is 100. This information can be used to produce this equation (written in father, son, grandson order in years), which then can be solved for the answer below:
    x              x          x
----------- +  ---------- + ------ = 100
(365.25/12)    (365.25/7)   365.25

x is 1826.25, making the grandson five years old, the son thirty-five, and the father sixty.

5. Each number lists the digits of the number that came before. You start with 1 (one). You then have 11 (one one). You then have 21 (two ones). Therefore, the number after 132231 is 232221.

6. 1/4 probability of 2 heads. The reward is 2 jelly beans. So in 4 turns you won 2 Jelly beans. On the other hand you friend won 3 times and so he got 3 Jelly Beans. So he won 3/2.

7. The answer is 2/3. One outcome will be drawing a white ball. So why are there two chances of drawing black? If a white ball is drawn first,what is the probability of the remaining ball being black?

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