Daily Expressions

Ohayo Gozaimasu - Good Morning (untill about 10am). Note the 'u' in Gozaimasu is silent.

Konnichiwa - Hello (from 10am to evening ... around sunset)

Kombanwa - Good Evening

Oyasumi Nasai - Good Night

Sayonara - Good Bye. Used with people you know or friends, etc.

Shitsurei shimasu - Very Formal Good Bye.

Ja Mata or Dewa Mata - See You or Well Then or Laterz...

Itte rashai - So long (actually it means, "Go and Come back"). This is said to the person when he leaves house. Like a wife telling Husband in the morning.

Itte mairimasu - So long (actually it means, "I am going and coming back"). This is reply of Itte rashai

Tadaima - I am back. Generally said by the person returning home.

Okaeri Nasai - Welcome back. Reply of Tadaima.

Omedeto Gozaimasu - Congratulations

O-daijini - Take care of yourself

Sumimasen - Sorry or Excuse me

Moichido Onegaishimasu - Can you repeat it please (when someone says something you dont understand)

Chotto matte kudasai - Wait for a moment please (said while trying to find something or thinking about something)

Ki o tsukete - Be careful or Take care

Abunai - Look out

Dame desu - No Good, Impossible

-san - Mr., Mrs., Miss, etc

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