osu - Push

hiku - Pull

dozo - Please accept

kore - this (when giving something)

kore wa? - as for this (when asking about a thing)

kore = this (a thing near to you)

sore = that (a thing near to the person you are talking to)

are (pronounced as array) = that (a thing far away from you and the other person)

dare no - whose

dare mo = nobody

ima - now

deshita = was

arimasen deshita = was not

itsu = when

irrashaimase = Welcome, come in (greetings to people when they goto shops or hotels)

sore (pronunced as sorray) = that, that one (refering to a thing)

misete kudasai = Please show me (refering to an object in a store for example)

mo = 'also' or 'too'

ja = Well then.... (expressing resignation)

kudasai = please give me

sorekara = in addition to (It is a sentence connector)

soshite = and then (as in what happened after that)

hitori-de = alone

kaerimasu = return, to come back

doko = where

ikimasu = going

kakimasu = coming

kakemasu = sit

kochira = this direction

kochira e = this way

ue = top

arimasu = are (for inanimate things like books, table, chair)

imasu = are (for animate things like human and animals)

naka = inside

mae = In front of, before

shita = under

nani mo = nothing is

asoko = over there

hidari = left

migi = right

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