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Drinking Problem

Exam Frustrations

Bitch Jokes

Women have all the answers

Secret to a perfect marriage...

Prize Winner for the Best toast of the night

Firm it up baby

Obey the witch doctor

How to annoy a colleague [PPT]

The married man who went partying whole weekend

The Baby Photographer

Outsourcing Santa

Mens answers to Womens Questions (for Women only) [PPT]

Words Women use (for Men only) [PPT]

Never make women angry

The Woman and the Gorilla

Some old Jokes [PPT]

Curious Photographs [PPT]

Zero to 200 in 2 seconds

Irishman and three pints of Guinness

Computer Support Queries

Marketing War

10 Reasons Y U Should Leave Work At 6.00p.m

Glass Eye

Irish Joke

Billy's Dad

The Polar Bear Blessing

Man of the year 2006

Sweet Letter

Matromonial Ads By Girls

Geography Lessons

Bollywood Bapu (for Indians only)

Football Fans in World Cup

Picture Jokes Collection - 1

Funny Road Signs

Five Secrets of Perfect Relationship

Jokes Collection 1

Labour pain

Wife from Hell

Marketing Concepts

Her Diary...His Diary

I'm off to prison

3 minute management lessons


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