Life in the United Kingdom Test (Revised April 2007)
Question & Answer set 24: At work

Question 1: What is the minimum wage for workers aged 18-21:
option 1: No fixed wage
option 2: 5.35 per hour
option 3: f4.45 an hour
option 4: 3.30 an hour

Question 2: Money raised from the income tax is not used for which of the following:
option 1: Police
option 2: Hospitals
option 3: Education
option 4: Armed Forces

Question 3: Money raised from NI contributions is used to pay contributory benefits such as the State Retirement Pension. TRUE or FALSE
option 1: TRUE
option 2: FALSE

Question 4: When can a National Insurance number be obtained for a person.
option 1: When they are born
option 2: When they have their own passport
option 3: When they turn 16
option 4: Whenever they start first paid job.

Question 5: What is the state pension age for women?
option 1: 55 years
option 2: 60 years
option 3: 65 years
option 4: 70 years

Question 6: Jobseekers allowance is only available for Men and not for Women. TRUE or FALSE.
option 1: TRUE
option 2: FALSE

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