Life in the United Kingdom Test (Revised April 2007)
Question & Answer set 21: Travel and transport

Question 1: Why should you not take cabs with no license
option 1: They may not take you to right destination
option 2: They may charge extra
option 3: They may be dangerous
option 4: They are not insured

Question 2: After getting a provisional license you may be able to drive the car if
option 1: You feel confident enough
option 2: you are over 21
option 3: you are with someone with full license and older than you
option 4: you are with someone full licence for over three years

Question 3: Once a full license is obtained, till what age is it valid
option 1: Its valid forever
option 2: 90 years
option 3: 70 years
option 4: 65 years

Question 4: If you are involved in accident which of the following you should not do:
option 1: Call the police or the ambulance
option 2: give your details to the other drivers or passengers and to the police
option 3: make a note of everything and tell your insurance company
option 4: run away as nothing as happened

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