Life in the United Kingdom Test (Revised April 2007)
Question & Answer set 18: Health

Question 1: In which year did NHS begin
option 1: 1918
option 2: 1928
option 3: 1938
option 4: 1948

Question 2: If you need to see a specialist what should you do?
option 1: Go to your GP
option 2: Go to the specialist directly
option 3: Go to the hospital
option 4: Go to the library to get list of specialists

Question 3: Which of the following places you cannot obtain list of Local GPs
option 1: NHS Websites
option 2: Citizens Advice Bureau
option 3: The tourist information
option 4: Post Office
option 5: You can obtain the list from all the places listed above

Question 4: When should you register with a GP?
option 1: When you are ill
option 2: If there is an accident or an emergency
option 3: When you need to see a specialist
option 4: When you move to a new area

Question 5: If you cannot keep an appointment with a GP, what should you do?
option 1: Let the surgery know
option 2: Call up later and book a new appointment
option 3: Do nothing

Question 6: If your GP decides you need to take medicine you will be given a prescription. Prescription is not free for:
option 1: Disabled person
option 2: Person aged 60 or over
option 3: Woman with baby under 12 months old
option 4: Person receiving Working Families Tax Credit
option 5: Prescription is free for all people listed above.

Question 7: What is meant by going to hospital as 'in-patient'.
option 1: When you are going for something minor
option 2: When you are going to hospital for a treatment that may take several hours
option 3: When you are going to hospital and you need to stay overnight.

Question 8: In England free denatl treatment is not available to:
option 1: People under 18
option 2: People over 60
option 3: People on income support
option 4: People on Jobseekers' Allowance

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