Life in the United Kingdom Test (Revised April 2007)
Question & Answer set 17: Money and Credit

Question 1: In which of the following denomination there are no bank notes in the UK
option 1: 10
option 2: 20
option 3: 50
option 4: 100

Question 2: Has there already been a referendum to adopt Euro in the UK
option 1: Yes
option 2: No

Question 3: In which of the following place can you not convert foreign currency into British Pounds.
option 1: Bureau de change
option 2: Post Office
option 3: Building Society
option 4: Bank
option 5: None of the above

Question 4: Which of the following is not needed to open a bank account:
option 1: Passport
option 2: Payslip
option 3: Driving license
option 4: Household bill
option 5: Tenancy agreement

Question 5: For which of the following, insurance is compulsary:
option 1: Mobile Phone
option 2: Motorcycle
option 3: Travel
option 4: Credit Card

Question 6: Social Security Benefits are not available for:
option 1: People on low incomes
option 2: Unemployed
option 3: Sick and Disabled
option 4: People with no legal rights of residence

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