Life in the United Kingdom Test (Revised April 2007)
Question & Answer set 16: Services in and For the Home

Question 1: In England is there a seperate charge/bill for supplying water? If yes then what is it called?
option 1: There is no charge for supplying water
option 2: The charge for supplying water is included in Council tax
option 3: Domestic rates
option 4: Water rates

Question 2: Is it possible to move between different Gas and Electric suppliers once you have signed up with any of them.
option 1: Yes it is possible
option 2: No it is not possible

Question 3: You've unfortunately had that fight and are bleeding from a well-placed left hook. Which two telephone numbers can you call for an ambulance?
option 1: 999 or 112
option 2: 999 or 111
option 3: 999 or any other digit three times

Question 4: You want to throw away your old fridge. What will you do with it.
option 1: Break it into small peices and throw it in the rubbish bin
option 2: Put it in the pile of recycling rubbish
option 3: Leave it on a road
option 4: Contact the Local authority to arrance for the collection of this.

Question 5: Which of the following is not funded by council tax
option 1: Police
option 2: Refuse Collection
option 3: Water pipe maintainence
option 4: Education

Question 6: In which of the following way, you cant pay your Council Tax?
option 1: In one installment
option 2: In two installments
option 3: In 10 installments
option 4: In 12 installments

Question 7: If you have some problem with your neighbour. Whom should you contact first:
option 1: Your Neighbour
option 2: Your Landlord (if any)
option 3: Local authority or housing association
option 4: Citizens Advice Bureau

Question 8: Which ONE of the following telephone numbers can be used to contact the emergency services?
option 1: 100
option 2: 111
option 3: 911
option 4: 999

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