Life in the United Kingdom Test (Revised April 2007)
Question & Answer set 15: Housing

Question 1: Which of the statements are correct:
option 1: Two-thirds of people in the UK own their own home.
option 2: Two-thirds of people in the UK dont own their own home.

Question 2: What is the average mortgage repayment period in UK
option 1: 15 years
option 2: 20 years
option 3: 25 years
option 4: 30 years

Question 3: In which of the places listed below can you not find information about Estate Agents.
option 1: Internet
option 2: Library
option 3: National newspapers
option 4: Local newspapers

Question 4: When buying property, your first offer must be 'subject to contract:
option 1: so that you can withdraw if there are reasons why you cannot complete the purchase.
option 2: so that the seller cannot withdraw while the purchase is being completed
option 3: so that you can negotiate poperty price further
option 4: so that the seller cannot increase the property price after the offer has been made

Question 5: During the process of buying a house or a flat, who performs all the necassary legal checks and provide legal agreements
option 1: Estate Agent
option 2: Surveyor
option 3: Seller
option 4: Solicitor

Question 6: You can be eligible for council housing provided you have enough points. You are awarded points for:
option 1: being homeless and having children.
option 2: having job and having children.
option 3: first come first serve basis.
option 4: being over 60 years of age

Question 7: For which of the following type of accomodation there is no shortage of property:
option 1: Council housing
option 2: Housing through housing association
option 3: Privately rented accommodation

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