Question & Answer set 6: Population

Question 1:Whats the total population of UK according to 2001 census?
option 1:58 million
option 2:58.6 million
option 3:58.8 million
option 4:59 million

Question 2:Since 1951 the population of UK has grown by:
option 1:17%
option 2:23%
option 3:80%
option 4:133%

Question 3:The UK census has been conducted every 10 years since 1801 except:
option 1:1901
option 2:1941
option 3:1981
option 4:2001

Question 4:After how many years can the census data be consulted freely
option 1:3 years
option 2:10 years
option 3:60 years
option 4:100 years

Question 5:The largest ethnic minority people are from which country?
option 1:India
option 2:Pakistan
option 3:Bangladesh
option 4:West Indies

Question 6:How much percentage of UK population is white
option 1:88%
option 2:90%
option 3:92%
option 4:95%

Question 7:Which are the first five largest ethnic minority groups?
option 1:Mixed Ethnic, Black Caribbean, Indian, Black African, Pakistani
option 2:Black Caribbean, Indian, Black African, Pakistani, Bagladeshi
option 3:Indian, Black Caribbean, Pakistani, Chinese, Bangladeshi
option 4:Indian, Pakistani, Mixed Ethnic, Black Caribbean, Black African

Question 8:Most members of ethnic minority groups live in:
option 1:England
option 2:Wales
option 3:Scotland
option 4:N. Ireland

Question 9:How much population of Ethnic minorities live in London area
option 1:25%
option 2:35%
option 3:45%
option 4:55%

Question 10:Which ONE of the following two statements is correct?
option 1:The UK population growth rate is higher than the average for countries in the European Union
option 2:The UK population has grown by 17% since 1951

Question 11:Is the following statement True/False?
Most people in Britain live in the Countryside

Question 12:In which year will be the next census?
option 1:2008
option 2:2010
option 3:2011
option 4:2012

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