Question & Answer set 1

Question 1: In 16th and 18th century who came to UK as immigrants?
option 1:Indians
option 2:Irish labourers
option 3:Protestant Huguenots from France
option 4:West Indians

Question 2:In mid -1840's many people migrated to Britain. Where did they migrate from?
option 1:Germany
option 2:India
option 3:Poland
option 4:Ireland

Question 3:Between 1880 -1910, large numbers of Jewish people came to Britain. Where did they come from?
option 1:Germany
option 2:USA
option 3:Poland

Question 4:In the 1970's Britain admitted 28000 people of Indian origin from which country?
option 1:India
option 2:Pakistan
option 3:Bangladesh
option 4:Uganda

Question 5:In the 1980's, people from which country listed below were not part of largest immigrant group
option 1:USA
option 2:Australia
option 3:South Africa
option 4:India

Question 6:During the 1950s people from West Indies were invited to come and work in Britain as
option 1:Bankers
option 2:Bus Drivers
option 3:Police Inspectors
option 4:Engineers

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